Hello from your friends at the Manilow Music Project!

To our contestants, thank you for taking the time to create such remarkable heartfelt videos for our contest. To all our other friends who watched, voted, and gave the generous donations that made this prize possible, we send our deepest gratitude for your support.

We thank you for your patience as we’ve taken our time to carefully and thoughtfully choose a winner…but THE TIME HAS COME! The announcement will be posted to our website, manilowmusicproject.org, on Wednesday at 6PM PDT. Just come back here and you’ll be directed to a post where you can watch Barry reveal the winner!

So get your friends and band-mates together, pop some popcorn, have a watch party and if your school wins, grab your phones and make a little video because we sure wish we could be there to see the look on your faces!

Don’t be square, be there! Wednesday. 6PM PDT. Manilowmusicproject.org.

Good luck to you all!